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Summer is in full swing and what better way to celebrate summer than to follow awesome ladies on Instagram! Our top 5 will ignite the travel bug in you, will have you looking stylish all summer, as well as give you inspiration in the kitchen for scrumptious summer recipes. TMB has followed these ladies for a long time and has never tired of their beautiful, stylish and delicious Instagram pics! Inject some summer fun into your feed today by following our top 5.

1. @pketron

First up is Pei Ketron, a photographer, educator, and traveler based in San Francisco. Her photos will have you full of wanderlust in seconds! She’s been voted as one of the 10 Best Photographers on Instagram and has amassed over 800,000 followers on Instagram. Check out her website here and her beautiful Instagram account here.


2. @lecitykitty

Keep your wardrobe on trend by following the super stylish lecitykitty. Christina Zayas is a fashion and beauty blogger based in New York and we can’t get enough of her photos! Her Instagram and blog are packed full of outfit ideas and she regularly updates her style picks, also known as LIKEtoKNOW:IT. Nails, make-up, and BEAUTIFUL clutches, she snaps and blogs about it all.


3. @bscbscbsc

Song writer, guitarist and vocalist for Best Coast steals the spot for TMB’s 3rd favorite Instagrammer. Bethany Cosentino is based in Los Angeles, so her Instagram account will definitely get you in the mood for summer with her sunny pool pics! When she’s not sunbathing or swimming, she’s jetting around the U.S. playing shows or chilling with her cat, snacks.


4. C_Mai

If you’re a Hong Konger, then you’ll know who this lady is. It’s May Chow, owner of one of HK’s most hottest restaurants right now, Little Bao. Her instagram will without a doubt get your mouth watering with yummy shots of xiaolongbao and hot pot, as well as other delicious Asian delights. Watch her restaurant and cooking go from strength to strength as she instagrams new and experimental recipes.


5. @tlikebubbletea

Keep your shopping eco-friendly by following Tania Reinert, co-founder of eco fashion store, A Boy Named Sue. Tania may be expecting a child very soon, but that doesn’t stop her jet setting around the globe to enjoy the summer. Her Instagram is packed full of yummy treats, sunsets, and style. When she’s not chilling on the beach, she’s enjoys time at home in Hong Kong.


BONUS! We just couldn’t resist showing a cute photo of Tania Reinert’s 3 ADORABLE dachshunds – another reason to follow her! We hope all our readers have a fabulous summer! Got any other amazing ladies on Instagram to¬†recommend? Give us a heads up in the comments below.