*WARNING – SPOILER ALERT! However, if you can’t be bothered to read the book, but are curious to know what it’s about… then read ahead!


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50 Shades of Grey has been doing the rounds since it was released in 2011 by E. L. James and according to Wikipedia, it’s sold over 31 million copies and even had broken the record as the fastest selling paperback of all time! TMB wanted to do a little research and find out why this was the case and whether women are only reading it due to curiosity over BDSM, or whether we can actually give kudos to the author.

The book basically begins with two main characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele who are based in Seattle. Grey is a successful yet intimidating entrepreneur, and Steele is a 22 year old college senior. The couple meet under strange-ish circumstances as Steele covers for her best friend and ends up having an interview with Grey. They continue to  meet up afterwards until their relationship slowly develops. The main changing point is when Grey takes Steele (in a helicopter, I may add) back to his apartment and makes her sign a disclaimer that states she won’t discuss anything they do together and gives him full control of her. After that he takes her into a room FULL of BDSM toys (gasp).

We can’t really be bothered to write about the rest of the plot. There’s complications, disclaimer bla bla bla, accidentally meeting his mother, she thought he was gay, bla bla bla, finally introduces her to the family… you know how it goes. (Apologies, we get tired of stereotypical romance plots…okay, this is erotic fiction and not romance, but you know what we mean!).

Apparently The Telegraph has said it’s quite a well-written and compelling book:

“The sexual politics in the 50 Shades Of Grey will be discussed amongst the female readers for years to come, it really is a must-read novel for what it’s worth and it is not just a flash in the pan, the book really is that captivating and amazing to read”.

There’s been an interesting reception of this book becoming so popular. We think men are all “WTF!” about women reading erotica (see meme above) but erotic literature has been around for bloody ages! Why do you think Lolita became so popular!? Granted that was published in the 50’s, but that was the time of the 50’s housewife, so technically, 50 Shades is the modern “mommy porn”. There are also a LOT of book reviews and opinions about this book flying around the web. Some have gone into depth about how empowering the book actually is and how Steele holds the real control over Grey. Honestly though, most of the focus is on erotica.

For those of you who are interested in hearing an extract, watch this:

Okay, okay, we’re done with the jokes now. In all seriousness, this book has done wonders for women across the globe and has got them exploring more in the bedroom. We think there’s a lot of women who aren’t very confident or who are afraid to experiment, so if it’s building confidence then what’s the harm? Those lacking in confidence need it, so eventually we can all take over the world!! Also, there’s other benefits too! Such as sex toy sales have increased and with the recession in the West, surely that’s a good thing!?

So, all in all, men shouldn’t complain that so many women are reading this as it may benefit them (if they’re into that kind of thing) and to conclude, the book became popular because it features BDSM and humans are naturally curious creatures. Well, that’s our opinion anyway! Other opinions with solid evidence are welcome in the comments.