pictures_2-Winter warmer

(Via Wex Photographic)

It’s a well known fact that majority of companies make the most amount of business in the last quarter of the year. With this in mind, most companies will need their staff to be reliable and not fall victim to the dreaded flu! Hong Kongians are usually ones to suffer from cold and flu with fluctuating autumn temperatures outside and offices blasting freezing aircon inside. TMB has actually become close to being one of those victims, so decided to do some research and provide some tips to keep our lovely readers healthy during the changing weather!

1. Vitamins and plenty of them! A good muti-vitamin syrup that doesn’t taste like crap is Seven Seas, which can be found in most health stores or pharmacies.

2. Fruit and veg is a no brainer, but if you’re more into fruit then try pick up citrus fruits for extra vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Here’s a useful vitamin chart if you’re unsure of which foods contain certain vitamins.

3. Layers! With the weather not making its mind up with cold mornings and warm afternoons, having a hoody or a warm scarf is a good idea so you’re not constantly cold whether it be commuting to work or sitting under the aircon in the office.

4. Sleep is vital for your body’s recovery when fighting illness. If you feel like you’re on the verge of getting cold or flu, then take it easy and have an early night. Try and stick to a routine which ensures you have plenty of sleep during the cold season.

5. Research shows that exercise can really help to boost your immune system and that people who exercise on a regular basis have faster recovery rates. However, if you’re already pretty sick, it’s recommended to take it easy and not jump straight back into normal routine.

6. Reduce stress! Stress can bring on illness as it suppresses the immune system. After a hard days work, do relaxing things such as having a hot bath or shower, and treat yourself to a face mask. Whatever helps you relax, do it! We’ve already emphasized the importance of downtime in a previous post to ensure your life has balance.

If you’re planning on stocking up on your vitamins, but are also a smoker, please note that smoking can deplete vitamins. Not many people believe us when we say that, but we found a useful article from the site Live Strong as proof! It might be worth cutting down if you really want to keep your immune system strong during the autumn and winter. We hope you have found these tips useful, and please feel free to share another other tips that could help in the comments below!