It could be argued that the photography world is dominated by men, especially when it comes to celebrity and fashion photographers. This is why TMB wanted to raise awareness of female photographers, specifically Annie Leibovitz. So, who is Annie Leibovitz? Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer who joined Rolling Stone magazine in 1970 and became chief photographer just 3 years later. While at Rolling Stone she began expanding her portfolio and working for other magazines. Today, she has multiple awards under her belt and has photographed the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, and many other celebrities. Below are some of TMB’s favorite portraits.


It’s no secret that Leibovitz often works for Vanity Fair and in April 2016 the case was no different with Amy Schumer’s shoot. One of the more talked about images to come out of her shoot was her calendar-style image above, in addition to her cover photo. Schumer wanted to make the most of her time with one of the most influential photographers on the planet and said,“It was one of the most meaningful moments of my life.”


Whenever Leibovitz’s name comes up, so does John Lennon’s. This is because she photographed Lennon with Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone on Dec 8, 1980 and just 5 hours later, Lennon was assassinated. Before Lennon left the set, he asked Leibovitz to promise him that his favorite photo of him and Yoko be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Leibovitz agreed and they shook on it.


When we discovered Leibovitz did a shoot with Lena Dunham and Adam Driver from HBO’s Girls, it was a no brainer to include this in our favorite photographs! Other photos from the shoot include beautiful shots of Dunham and Driver around New York city, including her posing on the side walk wearing an Alexander McQueen black-and-white high-collar feather dress – so fabulous! It’s a shame that Vogue had to spoil the shoot by heavily editing Dunham.


Of course we had to include Caitlyn Jenner’s debut cover on Vantiy Fair magazine. From Olympic icon to transgender woman, it was paramount that Leibovitz captured Jenner the right way as this was going to be the big reveal to the public. Leibovitz spoke about the infamous shoot during Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco in 2015 and said “Our whole team—and it was a team—wanted to make it a success for her, and to take her over that hill,”