TMB zine night

We know it’s been a while and not everyone could make it to zine night in March. It has been in the works and we can all relax as it’s finally here! We do apologize for our tardiness, but we’ve had a few technical problems. Has it been so long that you can’t even remember!? Here’s a quick refresher:

TMB and fellow contributor, Francesca Ayala, slaved away at the weekends in February and March to put a beautiful zine together with a 90’s vs 00’s theme. Why? It was all for a great cause and was sold at zine night in Hong Kong Brewhouse, to raise money for Enrich Organization, a charity that helps migrant women in Hong Kong. How much did we raise? Enough to help a lady attend a workshop, which is fantastic!

Keeping in true 90’s DIY style, the e-zine is in black & white and a tad blurry, BUT we like to keep it old school when stepping back in time. Put on your Bikini Kill records and rock your Dr Martens as we compare 90’s and 00’s. Here’s the zine in all it’s glory, enjoy!

Click here: TMB zine

This will also be the LAST post as The Modern Bitch, but more about that later! We’ll leave you with fellow contributor, Alessandra Tinio’s fave picks from zine night!

zine night