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Confession time! This is not my first trip to Singapore. My first trip was in mid-2016 to visit a friend who’d moved from Hong Kong to Singapore where I saw all the typically touristy sights, including Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands etc. This trip was a quick weekend away Hong Kong style: fly out Friday night, see the sights Saturday and half of Sunday, then fly back Sunday night.

I booked two nights last minute at Marrison Hotel for a birthday weekend getaway with my other half. Good location, but not the classiest place to stay in Singapore. I’d avoid the hotel breakfast at all costs! It turned out to be a “breakfast buffet” around the corner from the hotel and it was a sad affair with hotdog sausages, fried rice, and pandan cake (not the good kind!). Saturday morning I got up early to get my Charles and Keith fix at Suntec City shopping mall across from the hotel. After that we both took a cab over to Adventure Cove Waterpark because you’re never too old to ride the “pipeline plunge”.

singapore 2

Later on, after “freshening up” (aka taking a 3 hr nap to recover from arriving at 2am the night before), we headed over to Haji Lane a few blocks over to see what was up in one of the most hipster areas of Singapore. First off, there’s plenty to do here, both day and night. The area is filled with bars, restaurants, cute little cafe’s, galleries, vintage boutiques, and there’s even an old barbershop.

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After having a little wander round to see what the area had to offer, we decided to take a seat at a bar near Blujaz Cafe. My main squeeze is a huge lover of jazz and one of the main reasons I chose to hang in Bugis when planning this trip was that there’s plenty of live music in the area. There’s something for everyone from jazz, acoustic singers and one bar was even blasting some old 90’s hits.

singapore 3

After grabbing a bite to eat and killing some time, we headed into Blujaz Cafe to watch a quartette and cool off with some frozen margaritas for a few hours. I can’t remember the name of the quartette for the life of me (I only had two frozen margs, I swear!), but the band was awesome – shame the bar was a little noisy and had a loud group of people sat at the back.

Sunday I met up with an old friend to explore Little India. Unfortunately, I was so busy catching up I forgot to take some photos, but I highly recommend eating at CreatureS for yummy Laksa. Their cake selection is phenomenal and their Thai Tea cake is to die for!

Singapore has a special place in my heart, maybe because I feel like I’m reserving it as a home for after Hong Kong or the fact that the food is awesome and it’s a lot more artsy, green and modern compared to Hong Kong. Singapore isn’t for everyone, but I love it.