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Since the release of her book, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg has been gaining attention from more women, as well as media. TMB is a fan of Sandberg and posted a while back on why we think she’ll achieve her goal on changing feminism. Old media, such as this TED Talk from 2010 on why we have too few women leaders are also being re-discovered as Sandberg becomes more popular. One thing that we picked up on in that video, is that she discusses how women attribute their success to someone else helping them, whereas men will congratulate themselves on their own success.

women are constantly juggling projects or taking on more in the workplace to prove themselves, but do they ever sit back and look at how much they’ve achieved? Sandberg says that women are lacking in confidence, which is why they are on lower salaries, because it takes a lot of guts to negotiate more money and women are underestimating their value. Men aim higher and see themselves with higher worth, so does that mean women need to think more like men? Not at all.

We think women need to boost confidence and part of that is acknowledging their achievements. Many women doubt themselves or attribute their success to someone else helping them. TMB is saying acknowledge how far you’ve come, build and confidence and then plan ahead to achieve more. Sandberg says never take that foot off the pedal. We’re saying take it off for a few seconds to look at how far you’ve come, then put your foot firmly back on the pedal again!

There is the fear of being viewed as a bitch as women become more successful and move into higher positions. We think it is possible to acknowledge achievements without being perceived as a bitch. Just look at Lena Dunham, she’s achieved a lot (see here for previous TMB post), yet she still keeps it real with hilarious Instagram pictures and funny tweets, all the while continuing to film season 3 of Girls.

Take your foot off the pedal for 5 seconds. Stop attributing your success to other people and realize you are the creator of your success!