the modern bitch - brownies macarons and cupcakes

TMB wanted to do a follow-up post because:

a) we LOVE cake and you can never have too many pictures of cakes
b) the bake sale was to raise money for a great cause, Enrich Organization

Why do we support Enrich? It’s a great charity that helps migrant women and gives workshops on how to better themselves. Not too long ago, TMB made the bold move from the UK to Hong Kong and understands how difficult it can be to make it in a big city. There are many challenges that women can face when making such a move, especially in a city that is driven by money. Some women can get swallowed up by a big city and it’s really hard to find support groups where women can help each other out and learn how to manage their finances, as well as boost their confidence. Enrich’s mission is:

To enrich and empower migrant women through facilitative life skills training to take greater control of their finances, improve their quality of life and secure the future of their families and children.

There is nothing greater than women coming together to empower and teach to give each other a better life. Personal development is something that TMB supports greatly, because it’s difficult being a woman in today’s fast-paced society. Women have to be more bold and stand up for themselves as there are difficult challenges that life will throw. It requires a great amount of confidence to be assertive and voice your opinion, especially in tough situations. Some of the workshops that Enrich provides are, ‘Confidence and Communication’, as well as, ‘Speak Out Loud Against Discrimination and Harassment’, so a charity that aims to boost women’s confidence is something that TMB can get behind.

What’s also great about this charity is that the workshops are held in Tagalog, Indonedian, Thai, Singalese, Urdu and Nepalese. This means the workshops can help even more women and the charity has managed to eliminate the language barrier, so the help is widely spread. Workshops are held every Sunday, so nobody misses out. Also, the charity has multiple training partners, including Thai Workers Credit Union and many churches around Hong Kong. More training partners, means the charity can reach more women.

There are two ways to support this charity: Donate or volunteer. This cake bake sale has been really successful in that it managed to raise a substantial amount of money that can help the organization and surpassed the goal of raising HK$1000! TMB wants to personally thank everyone who came to Konzepp and bought brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, macarons and cookies. Next on the events list is zine night! Details for the event can be found here, or checkout the Facebook event here. TMB is in the process of creating a beautiful zine (homemade magazine, for those of you who haven’t read the previous post) and we can also reveal that the theme of the zine will be, ’90s vs 2013′. Please come down to zine night and purchase a lovely copy as all the proceeds will go to Enrich Organization. We will leave you with more pictures from the delicious bake sale!

The modern bitch - rum soaked raisin brownies

the modern bitch - whisky cupcakes