(Via American Art Archives)

We all feel unmotivated from time to time, whether it be down to things on your mind, the weather, personal problems, or just feeling fed-up in general. If you haven’t felt unmotivated at least once in your life, then you’re not human or you’re in denial!

Sometimes, it’s difficult being a young woman and figuring stuff out as you make the transition into an adult. It’s hard to stay hungry and ambitious all the time, especially when you encounter problems along the way – life and careers are never plain sailing (unless you’re the luckiest person in the world). One of the main factors which leads to getting fed-up with everything is the feeling of being lost and doubting yourself. You’re not alone in that aspect and it’s okay to not know what you want and to occasionally feel unmotivated. The most important thing is getting back on the bike, so to speak!

We found a great article by Design Taxi called How To Overcome Our Doubts. At the end of the day, whatever the situation or “thing” you are doubting, your instincts usually give you an idea of what the outcome will be. However, learning from the outcome whether it be positive or negative is really important in moving forward.

If you’re generally feeling flat and it’s not necessarily relating to doubting yourself, then here’s a few ideas on getting yourself back in the game.

1. Take care of yourself, maybe you’re feeling unmotivated because you’re burnt out. Take a bath, read a book, do a face mask… do something relaxing and pamper yourself a little.

2. Go somewhere quiet. Sometimes hustle and bustle can be a bit much and all you need is some quiet time to feel at peace for a while.

3. Hang out with people. Surrounding yourself with people and having a laugh is the best pick-up when you’re feeling fed-up.

4. Work out. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’ve achieved something, whether it be climbing a bloody mountain, or just working out for an hour. It counts.