Shaun and Nat from Shatalene

Seeing as zine night was a success and many people commented on the music interview, we decided to publish a digital version! Shatalene arrived on the Hong Kong music scene in 2012 and brought with them beefy bass sounds and a whole lot of noise. With Nat from Tigerbombers on bass and Shaun from David Bowie Knives on drums, while sharing vocals, this duo will soon have you swinging your hips and tapping your feet. There’s something sexy about Shatalene and the way they perform, with lusty lyrics and a loaded bass – we just can’t get enough! The name came about when combining both Nat and Shaun’s name with their dog, Jolene. After that, Shatalene was born. They’re signed to Hong Kong’s new DIY record label, Artefracture, who have kindly given TMB an awesome and exclusive link to Shatalene’s song Bangkok Surprise, remixed by SHiTHoTCYNiCS. For more music from Shatalene and Artefracture, check out the link here and listen to the remix below!

1. Tell us about Shatalene – how did the band form?

An intergalactic owl flew by and drew out ‘Form a band together’ in glitter. Our dog, Jolene, was clearly inspired and knocked over our tamborine and we knew right then and there, it was time.

2. Shaun, as the drummer who usually sits at the back, do you feel there’s sometimes more focus on Nat?

I really don’t mind either way. I’m just happy I get to look at her ass for 30 minutes without her noticing.

3. Nat, TMB’s heard your voice in Tigerbombers, but your singing in Shatalene is something else! Where did you get those pipes from!

Awww shucks! Thanks! I got it from my mama, who got it from her mama. Who got it from a gypsy…

4. What are the future plans for the band? Is there an album in the works?

We plan to get Jolene more involved as possible. Shatalene is heading in a whole different direction. a glitter infused DJ dog by the name of Jolene will be dropping some outrageous beats. We did start because of her after all! We totally want to work on an album! We have a lot of photos!

5. Lastly, describe the band in 3 words (each) and don’t say man, woman and dog!

Gargoyles. Lasersaurus rex. Hungry.