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Co-creator of HK’s first monthly zine, Cloak & Dagger, as well as a multi-talented writer, ukulele player and knitter, Ailee comes from drizzly forests of Oregon but has spent seven years escaping the rain abroad. Head writer on The9thMuse blog, Ailee offers advice on the top eight fashionable pieces for fall.

Let me guess. Your Pinterest board is looking forward to fall fashion a lot more than your pocketbook. But not to worry. With vigilant shopping, clever updates and a bit of mixing and matching, fashion can be a very affordable art. Get yourself revved up for crisp temperatures and cool style with these eight fall fashion hacks.

1. Shop the summer sales and find a gorgeous (and massively discounted) sundress you love. Prepare your new digs for fall with wooly tights and a basic oxford shirt underneath; add a pair of biker-style ankle boots, and you’ve got the coveted school-girl-grunge popping up in everyone’s lookbooks this season. (Sale sundress ideas here)

2. When you’re done with work and ready to let your inner punk diva run free, it’s time to DIY a crop-top for the weekend. Not only are crops a favorite throwback to the Seattle teen spirit of the 90s, they’re an easy way to give new life to that Death to the Pixies t-shirt stuffed into the back of your closet – a pair of scissors is all you need to go riot grrrl on fashion this fall.

3. If you’ve got the cold weather basics covered (jeans you love and a wild leather jacket), allow yourself one WOW! statement piece this season. Hey, you deserve a little splurge, right? Be deliciously irresponsible and buy to-the-trends (tartan and metallics anyone?), or choose a ridiculously flashy pair of leggings for no other reason than you can’t say no to sparkles.

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 4. Let’s talk shoes. Having a small budget doesn’t mean you should buy your weight in $20 shoes – although having a closet full of flats sure feels nice. But this fall, think ankle boots: they’re more affordable than the type that reach your thigh, and look great with shorts, jeans, and every length of skirt. (Varieties both rocker and sophisticate here)

5. Looking to upgrade an everyday office outfit? Wear a tie, because women in ties are hot. (See AnnaLynne McCord for more on this). It’s the one accessory that’s sure to set you apart at the workplace; ties are inexpensive, and so fun to choose. Go for simple, skinny and monochromatic, or mix prints with a crazy-pattern tie worn loose over one of those printed collar dresses we all went gaga for in spring.

6. This fall, distress some denim. All you need are scissors to cut and a heavy object to create wear and tear. Pair distressed denim with heels to go edgy sophisticate, or just throw on your favorite converse, because hey – you work hard all week. Saturday’s the day when you don’t have to give a damn.

7.  The best thing about cold-weather wear is you’re allowed to get warm and snuggly. Prepare for winter by making your very own wooly scarf. Don’t know how to knit? Now’s the perfect time to learn. Buy a spool of yarn, find an instructional video on YouTube, and prepare yourself for the hippest, most one-of-a-kind accessory you’ve ever owned.

Zalora clutch

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8. Sort out your bag situation. It’s a good bet your tote’s spent the last three months being dragged from beaches to barbeques to picnics, so come fall, change things up. Find a fierce and affordable clutch if you’re looking to go simple and stylish, or bring a vintage-inspired briefcase into the mix if you’re seeking quirky office chic at its finest.

Zalora is TMB’s first choice when it comes to great, unique items of clothing that won’t break the bank. Whether you have quirky style or have to dress corporate during the week, Zalora has fashionable pieces to suit any role. Don’t compromise your fashion in fall. Check out their site today.