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It’s October and that means it’s national breast cancer awareness month, which involves breast cancer charities from around the globe taking action to spread awareness of this life threatening disease. Cancer can affect anyone at any time and is important to us at TMB because we have been affected by it within our family. Luckily that lady fought hard and won the battle against breast cancer. Because of this, we think it’s incredibly important for all women of all ages to check for lumps on a regular basis.

Facts about breast cancer:

1. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

2. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, no matter your race or ethnicity.

3. Risk is higher if an older family member has been diagnosed.

4. You can reduce risk by not smoking, having a healthy diet and consuming less alcohol.

5. Mammograms (breast x-ray screenings) can detect cancer early, often before it can be felt.

If you’re worried about breast cancer or have noticed a change in your breasts, then go see your local doctor to book a screening or look up your local hotline to get professional advice. Pink Revolution offer tips on reducing the risk of breast cancer, and this is especially important if cancer runs in your family. If you are still worried then please check out their FAQ as well as common myths. Cysts exist too, so if you find something that wasn’t there before, do not panic!

What can you do to help? For those of you in Hong Kong, you can donate locally to the Pink Revolution which is organized by the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. If you want to donate globally then please check out the national site to find more collaborating organizations. Join the national campaign on Facebook to raise awareness and follow the campaign on Twitter. We also discovered Pink for October which aims to turn the internet pink for the whole of October!

So, to summarize… Check your breasts regularly and if you notice something then go to your doctor for a professional diagnosis, grab a pink ribbon or wear pink to raise awareness. Help by donating to make breast cancer care services free and keep research going to find a cure. Not only do donations help makes services free and fund research, but most importantly will provide support to women who are fighting this horrible disease.

Please share this post to help. Do something today and raise awareness.