(Via The Great KH)

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the 1900’s in the US and was originally called International Women’s Working Day. It all began in 1908 when thousands of women marched through New York City and protested for better working and voting rights. Progress was made in 1910 when an International Women’s Conference was held in Copenhagen. Rights were discussed and on 18th March 1911, International Women’s Day was officially marked to highlight equal rights for women. Initially, the official day was set to be the last Sunday of February. In 1913, Russia joined in its celebration and not long after that March 8th became the official day, and it’s remained that way ever since.

So, March 8th every year, people come together to celebrate women’s efforts and achievements, whether it be social, political or economical. It’s actually an official holiday in many countries including China, Russia, Nepal, Vietnam, Zambia and Ukraine. What we love about this day is that it celebrates women’s achievements and lets everyone know how far women have come. We’ve achieved a hell of a lot over the years and now women are welcomed into education and politics… hell, we even have female astronauts and physicists. It makes TMB damn proud to know that women have so many choices nowadays and it’s thanks to women in 1900s who had the courage to stand up in what they believed in.

While women still have a way to go in terms of achieving equality in the workplace when it comes to equal pay, and there are many countries where women have to suffer or are subjected to rape, we are still moving forward. Every year, somewhere, women are reaching goals and moving forward. A great example of that is the end of last year when the Reproductive Health bill was passed in the Philippines. International Women’s Day is a brilliant day and is a great opportunity to look both back and forward for women. Will you be celebrating?