(Via HP)

Women in North Korea are allowed to ride bicycles again after being banned for 20 years!

The measure was originally put in place by Kim Jong-il in the 90’s after hearing about the death of Oh Hye Young who was the daughter of General Oh Geuk Ryeol, a vice-chair of the National Defence Commission. She had been hit by a car while riding a bicycle in downtown Pyongyang, which led to Kim issuing a public order stating that bicycles had to be registered, women were banned, and those who violated the order were fined.

Recently, however, Kim Jong-il’s son (Kim Jong-un) has lifted the ban and this is awesome news! It shows that even a strict country like North Korea is slowly making progress towards equality! A source from North Pyongan Province said, “People have welcomed it, saying that ‘penalties imposed by the father are being lifted by the son.'”

This isn’t the only sign that North Korea’s new leader is easing up. In Mid-July Kim Jong-un was spotted with a mysterious woman, which turned out to be N.Korea’s first lady! (A lady that his father did not approve of, I may add). It’s a small step, but is hopefully a sign that there’s better times ahead for the country, as well as equality!