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With technology moving faster than the speed of light nowadays, it’s important to keep up with ways companies are now recruiting and have some kind of understanding of what technology they’re using to try and keep one step ahead. Mashable’s article by  Mona Abdel-Halim discusses Applicant Tracking Systems which uses keywords from your resume to see how well you match the job you have applied for.

“Unbeknownst to many job seekers, a whopping 72% of resumes are never seen by human eyes. Why? Well, employers large and small now use applicant tracking software to parse the information from your resume and map it into a database called an ATS (applicant tracking system).”

The article gives 12 tips on how to improve your resume to be better suited to ATS. We think it’s incredibly important to take this advice into consideration when applying for jobs, otherwise you will be left behind with the rest of the applicants who didn’t think about technology. These tips will be especially useful if you are applying for larger multinational companies too. It’s easy to forget the relevance of software and technology nowadays, but it does play an important part, even when job hunting or trying to further your career. Have any tips? Share them in the comments!