best coast

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We realized that our music section was lacking, and with summer just around the corner, we thought it was appropriate to put together an awesome list of what TMB and friends are listening to at the moment to get us in the mood for summer. Check out Art’s (founder of Artefracture & member of Tigerbombers) and Joe’s (from Weeper, DUDE LAW! and founder of HKXO), as well as our own picks on magnificent summer tunes that’ll put you in the mood for coolers, parties and more.

1. Best Coast – The Only Place

Best Coast is TMB’s ultimate summer band! Why? Their surf rock vibe is guaranteed to put you in the mood for summer fun. Originally from Los Angeles, this duo, Bethany (nice name) and Bobb formed in 2009. They have two albums out, Crazy For You (2010) and more recently, The Only Place (2012).

2. Pretty Girls Make Graves – Speakers Push The Air

Pretty Girls Make Graves is Art’s pick, founder of record label, Artefracture. This band has a special place in TMB’s heart as memories of hazy summers during the teen years spring to mind. PGMG have unfortunately broken up now, but have left behind 3 albums and 9 EPs. They originally formed in 2001 in Seattle and officially split in 2007.

3. Tera Melos – Bite

When we asked Joe, founder of HKXO and member of bands Weeper, as well as DUDE LAW!, for summer songs with female leads, he came up with Tera Melos (har har, Joe!). It doesn’t always have to be about the ladies, which is why we included this one in the list. If you’re into rock, jazz and electro, then this is the tune for you. On the weirder side of the music spectrum, this band are from California and formed in 2004. They have produced 4 albums to date and the track Bite, above, is taken from their latest album, X’ed Out (2013).

4. The Naked and Famous – Young Blood

Oldie, but goodie! THIS is a summer tune! The Naked and Famous are from Aukland, NZ and formed in 2008. This 5-piece were in Hong Kong last year with Metromony at the KITEC, where friends 9 Maps supported. They’ve produced 2 albums to date and Young Blood is taken from their earlier album, Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010).

5. Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars

Another favorite of ours and the guitar in this band, is quite frankly, sickening. Sleigh Bells consists of duo, Derek and Alexis. They’re from New York and formed in 2008. To date, Sleigh Bells have released two albums, Treats (2010) and Reign of Terror (2012). Infinity Guitars is taken from their earlier album and we can’t get enough! Without a doubt, this band will be top of our fave summer tracks (and probably most played on our iPod).

TMB is moving up in the world, and thanks to Artefracture, we’ve joined YouTube. What does this mean? More playlists! You can add or share the playlist above by visiting the link here.