UntitledTMB heard that the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) were working on a pretty cool project recently and wanted to share it. SCAD gave several students an amazing opportunity to work with famous artist, Jonathan Lee. Lee has previously done illustration for Marvel Comics and Red Bull, and throughout September began working on a project for Superga, an Italian shoe brand that originally made tennis shoes.

These students had the privilege of working alongside Lee on a collaboration with Superga, which involved the creation of 6 awesome female superheroes (or heroines, whichever you prefer!). The team worked in Harbor City at the Superga shoe store and created one of a kind personalized illustrations on the new range of shoes, which also had these 6 superheroes printed on them!

superga shoes


We’re always supportive of a project or an opportunity that empowers women, so we decided to get in touch with Novita, one of the outstanding students that was involved in this project and ask her a couple of questions about her work, studying in a creative environment, as well as who she looks up to in the art world.

1. Tell TMB a bit about yourself.

I’m Indonesian-Chinese born and I’m pursuing a BFA Painting degree at SCAD HK. Prior to pursuing study, I taught myself about art from books for most of the time and improved my skills through local competitions. Using the experience gained from competitions, as well as guidance from teachers and friends, I managed to pursue art as my career path at SCAD.

2. What made you want to pursue a creative degree?

I have always loved drawing and I joined a lot of art competitions back in Indonesia of which some I won. From there I thought I could make a living from art and this is what I am best at, so why not combine my interests into a way to live in the future. Having a creative degree is worth the investment as well as I continue to learn from professionals alike, thus making me more adaptable to the creative world.

3. Which female artists do you admire most?

Shahzia Sikander. She was first introduced to me by one of the professors at SCAD Hong Kong, as my art style somewhat overlapped hers in particular portfolio. I fell in love with her works right away.  Her works are special to me because she is able to combine her personal history and culture, something I am trying to develop these days.

4. Would you say that being female influences your artistic style?

Hard question. I might say yes and no at the same time.

The answer yes because as female, I feel better in sensing emotion in human feeling than my male circle of friends.  Also, from what I observe in art classes, females tend to be more meticulous towards their art compared to males whose art is more intuitive. No, because I don’t think being male or female distinct the way I produce my style. I could create free, intuitive work if I wanted to. It really, really depends on how I wanted my work to be.

5. How would you describe your work in a few words?

One word: Cultural. My art actually has two forms. One uses flowing, delicate lines in ornamental culture symbols, which mostly depicts The Epic of Ramayana combined with social condition and impact near me. The other form mostly noted for emotional approach in relationship with self-mirroring attempt.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Novita for sharing this project with TMB, taking the time to speak to us, and also producing the most awesome sketch for us. You can check out her work below!