Before TMB was born, we watched Miss Representation, a documentary about the representation of women in mass media. The documentary was made in 2011 by Jennifer Siebel and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Despite being around for a while, we think it’s really important to share and get people thinking about the way the media portrays women. It’s a really empowering documentary in terms of getting young women to challenge media and stereotypes.

After watching the documentary, we felt really inspired to do something and it influenced us in a positive way. Miss Representation was a huge contributing factor to why we decided to create TMB!

Visit the site to see how you can show your support and take the pledge. You can download the documentary on itunes and you can follow Miss Rep on Twitter @RepresentPledge. The site has links to Miss Rep’s blog and links on finding, as well as hosting screenings Internationally. Educating the next generation of women to be active and not passive about the representation of women is incredibly important. Donate and Educate today!

Want to know more before watching the documentary? Here’s Jennifer Siebel talking at Tedxwomen about Miss Representation.