sexism poster

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When women speak up against cat calling, most people’s response is something along the lines of, “It’s a compliment, she shouldn’t take it the wrong way”. However, everyday sexism can go a lot deeper than that and can become very serious. TMB came across this great video on Upworthy and felt that it was so powerful that word needed to be spread. You should support The Everyday Sexism Project because there shouldn’t be stories such as the one’s mentioned in the video below.


Sexism isn’t just happening in London. It’s happening all over the world. There’s segregated train carriages in Japan during rush hour as many women complained they were being groped while trying to commute to work. This isn’t only present in Japan either. The same applies in Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Egypt and India. A huge number of women have sexism stories and this can range from cat calling to sexual harassment. Both are serious and can have a huge impact on women’s confidence, as well as self-esteem.

It’s time for women to speak up and push past the feeling of shame or self-blame. Women are human beings, not objects and if you have a story, you’re not alone as thousands of other women all over the globe have shared their story on the Everyday Sexism website. If you have a story to share, then you can submit anonymously to the site or tweet @everydaysexism. Don’t forget to use the  hashtag #shoutingback as the more stories shared, the more important this project will become, and that means a difference will be made.

Please share this post to raise awareness as this project is something that’s close to TMB’s heart. Help to stamp out everyday sexism today.