CJ hendry

(Image via Analogue Digital)

It’s not often that we’re stopped in our tracks when we see talent that is out of this world, but damn, CJ Hendry is one hell of a gifted woman! She’s had quite the journey the past few years going from architecture student to established artist where her work has been bought by the likes of prestigious art collectors and celebrities.

In an interview in 2014 she explained how she became a college dropout:

“I made the decision within the week that I was going to drop out of uni and quit my job and draw full time for one year. I made a deal with myself; if I didn’t sell anything in 365 days I would re-enroll in university and go back to what I was doing. Luckily after a couple of months I got my first major sale and there was no way I would ever set foot in a university campus again.”

Earlier this year she created a new exhibition with her current art dealer, The Cool Hunter and drew 50 photorealistic foods in 50 days. We think it’s safe to say her exhibition was a huge success with drawings starting at $8,800 a piece! She’s even spoke at TEDxBrisbane on how life doesn’t always go to plan, and how she is a prime example of that. You can follow her journey on instagram here and see more of her work below.