birthday candles

(Image via Whispered Inspirations)

It almost slipped our mind, but August is The Modern Belle’s first birthday, so happy birthday to us! We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported TMB over the past year, including our contributors.

Francesca Ayala from Bad Girl Eats was our first contributor and wrote an awesome comparison post on Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns and Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises. Next to contribute was Alessandra Tinio who wrote a moving post on the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines. We were so glad to see the RH Bill passed later on that year in December, 2012.

In February this year, TMB worked with the lovely Miss Ayala again and made a zine. After selling it at zine night, we donated all the money we made to Enrich Organization. More recently, Ailee Slater, blogger of The9thMuse, contributed and came to the rescue with her fashionable wisdom on what is trending this fall.

Someone who can’t be left out is the amazing Artefracture, Hong Kong’s one and only DIY record label. In the past, Artefracture has given TMB an exclusive link to Shatalene’s track, Bangkok Surprise that was remixed by SHiTHoTCYNiCS (read more here). Art has recently contributed to some of our music posts with TMB’s hot summer tunes part 1 and part 2.

We’ve come a long way since August 2012 and it’s been an incredible year. We’ve interviewed awesome bands, such as HK-based Tigerbombers and had the privilege of interviewing world-famous illustrator, Gemma Correll! We’ve also interviewed wonderful local artists, such as Winnie Mak, as well as  Shann Larsson and Danny Kostianos at the Beautiful Decay Exhibition. Last but not least, TMB is proud to have chatted with one of HK’s most successful startups, ZAOZAO.

So, all in all, we’ve had a very successful first year. We aren’t throwing a huge party to celebrate TMB’s first birthday, but there is something in the pipeline in the form of an event. So, keep a lookout as we’ll be announcing something very soon!