What are zines?

(Via Andrea Joseph)

We’ve been keeping quiet lately, but only because we’ve been working on something! Wanna know what it is?

Remember Danny Kostianos, who we interviewed with fellow artist, Shann Larsson, for Beautiful Decay Exhibition? Well, he’s organized a zine night, here in Hong Kong. “What’s a zine?” I hear you say. A zine is is a homemade magazine, which is usually produced using a photocopier and stems from a DIY ethos. During third wave feminism in the late 80’s and early 90’s, zines were hugely popular amongst the feminist community and a niche came out of that, called “Grrrl Zines”. What does this mean? It means that TMB is switching back to the third wave, so put on your Bikini Kill records and start customizing your clothes, because TMB will be producing our very own zine for the zine night!

There’s a little bit more to it than just making a zine and distributing it. We wanted to add value to our zine, so fellow contributor, Francesca Ayala, who wrote a post comparing Catwoman a while back, will be collaborating on this project too. Not only that, but we will be selling our zine for HK$10 and will be donating all the proceeds to Alessandra Tinio, who wrote a piece for us last year on the RH bill in the Philippines. Alessandra is having a boozey bake sale on the 23rd February, which is taking place at Konzepp (Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan) and it’s from 4pm to 8pm. Don’t worry, we’re not donating money for cakes! She’s organized this event to help raise money for Enrich Organization.

When we heard about Enrich, we automatically wanted to do something to help raise money. They’re an organization that helps migrant workers with low-incomes to better themselves by educating them about finances, helping to boost their confidence and teach about business development. They mostly help ethnic minority women, including domestic workers. They operate by holding workshops and these are held in multiple languages to benefit many women across Asia who have moved to Hong Kong. Their mission is:

To enrich and empower migrant women through facilitative life skills training to take greater control of their finances, improve their quality of life and secure the future of their families and children.

So, what can you do? Come over to zine night, which is being held in the basement of Hong Kong Brewhouse in Lan Kwai Fong on Saturday 9th March at 9pm (FB event here). We will be there selling our zine, so please help Enrich by purchasing a lovely copy! An additional bonus is that Tigerbombers will be playing on the night; you know, the awesome band that we interviewed last year. If you can’t make that event, then you can also help by attending Alessandra Tinio’s boozey bake sale on 23rd February. Don’t forget it’s at Konzepp in Sheung Wan! We will leave you with a great example of a zine, which is made by our lovely friends, Cloak and Dagger, Hong Kong’s only monthly zine.