growing up

 (Via Emily Henderson)

There comes a time in every young woman’s (or sites) life where they need a bit of a makeover, or an update as they grow. We regret to inform everyone that The modern Bitch will no longer be. Instead, we will now be known as The Modern Belle. Aside from that, nothing else will change and we will still talk about women’s issues, offer tips to our lovely readers and will continue to make you laugh. You can still refer to us as TMB, of course.

Why the change, you ask? We feel The Modern Bitch was fiesty, unruly and never quite fitted. That bad ass, rebellious teenager is now being put to bed! The Modern Bitch has graduated college and has turned into an ambitious career woman who’s focused on the future. For those of you who loved The Modern Bitch, fear not as The Modern Belle will still kick ass. We’re keeping it feminine AND feminist.

All of our social media sites are the same and have merely had their names changed (no new profiles). You can still find us on Facebook as The Modern Belle, Twitter as @TheModernBelle_ and Pinterest as The Modern Belle. Oh, and our new web address is If you want to e-mail us or even contribute, then you can contact us on!