TMBs zine table at zine night

Zine night was very much a great success with many people coming to the basement of Hong Kong Brewhouse to check out zines that people had made. Some people had made short and quirky zines, others had made in-depth zines that were practically books! As always, the awesome Cloak and Dagger (Hong Kong’s zine kings!) were ever present with zine #9, which features an interview with Kestrels and Kites – if you haven’t already picked up a copy, then find the creators or look in random cafe’s around Central.

TMBs zine was also a success and various people showed interest, donated and sported a fabulous TMB sticker! We managed to raise a few hundred dollars for Enrich Organization, and we’re pleased as punch! This means that we’ve managed to fund a woman to attend a workshop. For all we know, that one session could change her life in a substantial way, whether it be boosting confidence, helping to manage finances or gaining a vision for business. It feels great to help a lady out and we have all the donators to thank, so thank you to everyone who helped. We’d also love to thank Francesca Ayala, who helped contribute and sat with TMB on weekends to work on the zine, as well as helped to spread some TMB love on zine night.

Now we come to the announcement. One of the most popular pages in the zine was an interview with Shatalene, so we’ve decided to put up a digital version of that interview with an amazing remix from the label Artefracture! So, stay tuned and keep checking back to the music section for a brand spanking new interview with the gorgeous Nat (from Tigerbombers) and hilarious Shaun (from David Bowie Knives). We will now leave you with some music imagery-goodness of Lindie from Bloodcult… with a little bit of Greg in the background!

Lindie from the band, Bloodcult