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Okay, so we didn’t realize the list would get longer and longer (thanks Art and Jas for your suggestions!), so we decided to split our hot summer tunes into two parts. In part 2, we took some time to chat to Jasmine, the drummer from Tigerbombers to see what she’s listening to this summer. We also squeezed another track in that was requested by Art from Hong Kong record label, Artefracture. Sit tight, because it’s about to get crazy! This list is all about the guy bands!

6. Bomb The Music Industry – Everybody That You Love

Here’s Artefracture’s last minute pick! This energetic free-for-all lineup are from New York City and embrace the DIY punk ethic (which we love!). This awesome band take DIY to another level as they write, produce and record their own music. They’ve distributed over five albums to date and Everybody That You Love is taken from their latest album, Vacation (2011).

7. Three Blue Teardrops – Switchblade Pompadour

This pick is courtesy of Jasmine! The Three Blue Tear Drops are an awesome three-piece rockabilly band from Chicago. The band formed in 1991 and began spreading their infectious foot-tapping beats through touring. The band lost momentum in 1994 as they each moved onto bigger things. They’ve played a few reunion shows since, but don’t expect miracles anytime soon! Fans will have to settle with their three albums for now.

8. Frightened Rabbit – Holy

Another one of Jasmine’s summer faves, Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk, a small town in the Northern part of the UK. This 5-piece formed in 2003 and the thick Scottish accent shows through in their singing. After releasing their first album Sing The Greys (2006), they signed to Fat Cat Records and went onto release three more albums. Holy is taken from their latest album, Pedestrian Verse, which was released earlier this year.

9. Sublime – Doin’ Time

This is one of TMB’s picks and is a summery song that’s close to our heart! Sublime are an amazing ska-punk band from California and formed in 1988. The band unfortunately split after the death of their frontman, Brad Nowell. They released three albums altogether, 40oz. To Freedom (1992), Robbin’ The Hood (1994) and Sublime (1996). Doin’ Time is from their last album and will always remain one of our summer faves.

10. Minus The Bear – We Are Not A Football Team

Minus the bear is the final pick from Jasmine (after much deliberation). This 5-piece indie-rock band are originate from Washington and features former, as well as current members from Sharks Keep Moving, Kill Sadie and Botch. They formed in 2001 and have since released 5 LPs and 9 EPs. The track above is taken from their 2002 album, Highly Refined Pirates.

TMB is moving up in the world, and thanks to Artefracture, we’ve joined YouTube. What does this mean? More playlists! You can add or share the playlist above by visiting the link here. Tigerbombers will be playing at Beating Heart on July 21st, so if you want to check them out, then by all means come on down for a night of awesome music. For more information, check their Facebook page for the digital flyer.