(Via YahooTV)

Lena Dunham has been on the scene for a while since television show Girls, which has been described as “Sex and The City for young women”, aired on HBO in April this year. In the beginning we were skeptical of the show and Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, especially with today’s TV show stereotypes of young women chasing careers. Since the first season wrapped, she’s been popping up every now and again in the media and we’ve really started to love her, hell, even become our hero! Why? Well… there were a number of reasons, so we decided to make a list:

1. She’s ambitious – She’s just signed a book deal and is a confident business woman as well as being an actress!

2. She embraces her body despite media stereotypes and backlash  – She plays a bold role in Girls which involves a lot of nudity and she’s a woman of curves. We think that takes lady balls to do something like that, because the media and critics can be very cruel and judgemental.

3. She can handle criticism – She was criticized in an interview regarding the cast and it’s ethnicity being all-white, and she explained these issues will be addressed in the second season. She also got criticized for being racist due to this tweet but apologized straight away and deleted the picture.

4. She keeps it real – Okay, she had a cushy upbringing where she went to a private school, mingled with her parents famous friends, and even had famous designer Zac Posen as her babysitter. However, some events on Girls are taken from her real life and if you’ve watched Girls, you’ll know the issues the show explores.

5. She’s young and successful – Only 26 years old and has written, starred, and directed Girls as well as being nominated for 3 Emmy’s & won Woman of the Year award (and took her heels off while accepting the award – because she’s so real!).

We really love Dunham because she’s the creator of Girls, a series that has given young women a voice. The issues touched upon on the show are very relatable, instead of being over-exaggerated or unrealistic, which is typical in mainstream shows. It’s important that young women have a show such as Girls that they can really relate to, because teens are growing up faster and being influenced by other shows such as Jersey Shore and America’s Next Top Model. Those shows are not really teaching them good morals or giving them realistic expectations. Girls teaches young women to embrace their body, no matter what shape or size and that starting a career or even figuring out what you want to do is not a walk in the park. Girls is not just a show, it’s a voice and we love Lena Dunham because she’s given young women something valuable.