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For anyone who follows Rob Delaney on Twitter or is a regular reader of Vice, they know that he is absolutely hilarious! However, his humor can be pretty sexist with persistent tweets to Adele and constant use of the word “pussy” online. Despite this, he’s known for being a women-loving comedian. Why is this? TMB decided to explore reasons why we love Rob Delaney, because you can still be a bloke AND support women at the same time!

With the presidential election almost a week away, a lot of women have been against Mitt Romney running for president because he’s said to have a problem with female voters due to his views on birth control. Rob Delaney has recently been showing his support to these female voters with offensive, yet amusing tweets to Mitt Romney and Todd Akin. Even a cartoonist has set up a Tumblr account of his tweets! However, comedy aside, Akin believes that “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy which caused public outcry, and so it should! Delaney is against this alongside many woman in the U.S. and has made it clear via Titter how he feels about this with retweets to links of Akins opponent, Claire McCaskill.

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His comedy in general is pretty sexist towards women, but he does it in such a way that women understand his comedy and know it’s just comedy; he’s not a real sexist pig. I came across an early 2011 interview where Delaney openly says he consider’s himself a feminist and when asked about eating pussy featured in his stand-up, he responds:

“I will continue to talk about eating pussy and the necessity of it as a political act. That’s a joke, sort of, but I really, really want to champion women with my comedy. Sexism and misogyny still run rampant in our world and in our culture and it will be the death of us if we don’t seek to counter it in our own lives. So I do focus on women a bit more in my comedy, because I think that destructive sexism is sort of the final frontier in prejudice. It would seem that racism and homophobia are closer to extinction than is sexism.”


So, Delaney does have a sensitive and serious side! He’s open about his emotions and beliefs, and has even mentioned depression and alcoholism in his blog. He’s not shy about his past and he inspires others to share their past experiences to help them move on. I saw a recent tweet of a women who’s written an article on going public with depression and why celebrities save lives by sharing their past experiences, Delaney included.

It’s an incredibly likable trait that he possesses and I think women like that because they feel like they can relate to him, despite his sexist stand-up. It shows that his jokes aimed at women are not his real beliefs and that stand-up is “left on the stage”, so to speak. Hell, women like him so much he even got asked advice about labia and replied in his usual humorous way on Vice, but still answered the question.

As they say, “honesty is the best policy”, and this is another trait that Delaney tries to incorporate not only in his stand-up, but also his daily life. He is upfront in interviews about the media and the way that it portrays both men and women, but especially women:

“There isn’t one hot body type, there’s a bunch. Of course you need to be healthy and fit and all, but the parameters that modern media deem acceptable for a woman’s body to fit in are tragic and dangerous.”


He seems to understand the pressure that media can have on women, and the long-term and dangerous effects that it can lead to. He’s touched upon women’s weight and pubic hair in vice articles before, but always has that sarcastic yet serious undertone, which is very important. Why? because he mocks the media for the stereotypes they have created, and it’s extremely important that young women today should feel comfortable in their own skin – Delaney is showing with his comedy that he backs that notion and is against stereotypes.

All in all, Rob Delaney is a witty, clever, sensitive, and honest guy and we really like him for that. We think more young men should aspire to be like him in that he has a good balance of what’s funny and what should be taken seriously. It’s refreshing to see a guy who’s not afraid to support women’s campaigns using the power of social media to spread his beliefs. He identifies that women’s rights still have a bit of a way to go, and that feminism is not dead. Delaney is a good guy, and should definitely not be mistaken for a womanizer.