Peaceful protest in India for rape victim

(Via BuzzFeed/Danish Siddiqui/Reuters)

Since an unidentified woman was attacked on a bus by a gang of men in mid-December, it has sparked a huge outcry in India and around the world. The woman remains nameless due to Indian law, but according to reports, she was a medical student. Rape stories are incredibly difficult to read, especially when they are in great detail and this young woman who had her life and career ahead of her was, unfortunately, subjected to gang rape and beaten for over an hour.

Since her attack, politicians and police worked hard to find the men involved who beat and raped her. Five men have already been arrested and charged with murder. They could all face the death penalty (a rare punishment in India) and the trial has recently begun. The result of this vicious attack has sparked both peaceful and violent protests. Many people are angry over the attitudes towards women in India and want a big change in the laws over violence on women. Protests have taken place every single day since the attack and are likely to remain until the verdict of this rape case has been announced.

The government says they will make Delhi a safer place for women by enforcing more police night patrols, public transport checks and banning tinted windows on vehicles, but will this really help? The government has already set up two committees, and they’re looking into speeding up trials relating to sexual violence on women, as well as looking at the problems that may have led to the attack on the victim in Delhi. Despite this, protesters want attackers to be punished with the death penalty in order to better protect women in the future.

It’s sad that a woman had to die in order to get people to become more active over women’s rights in India. What can you do to help? You can sign the petition here and contribute to the growing number of global signatures in order to make change happen. TMB has done research and found that rape occurs every 21 minutes in India. The only worry here is that only this one case will be dealt with severely and future cases may be forgotten. As devastating this particular case is, positive things have come out of this, such as an increase in interest in self defense classes and a telephone helpline has been launched specifically for women. We really hope permanent change comes out this protest. Help today by signing the petition and sharing this post.